Our previous seminar and workshop event, the, Parahyangan Bamboo Nation attempted to explore contemporary design and construction, including the tensegrity of bamboo structure. Now, the 2ndParahyangan Bamboo Nation event will focus on the topic of ‘resilient’ building materials for the future. ‘Resilient’ means the ‘ability to recover or become strong again after something bad happens’ (Miriam Webster Dictionary, 2014). Thus, the term ‘resilient’ is chosen as reference on reusing local materials, specifically referring to bamboo, in creative ways and the renewal of local materials by exploring their adaptive ability.

While local materials had been neglected due to social-cultural development and technology enhancement; high population growth, dense neighbourhoods, and climate change, the world calls for sustainable resources that are low energy, low maintenance, abundant, affordable, and mass-produced materials for vast developing cities. Local materials have the required qualities for both the contemporary and future development; they just need to be reinvented. Thus, this event challenges the exploration of local materials’ various potentials for future needs; the countless possible applications in contemporary buildings, both in rural and urban areas; the tectonic innovations, both industrially made and handcrafted; and the othervast opportunities they may offer. In this way, as a response to ‘sustainability issues’, ‘resilient’ building materials are expected to be able to emerge as an alternative solution for the substitute of an acceptable, available, and affordable material for the future.

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