International Seminar on Vernacular Settlements

Conversations with the Sea.

People. Places and Ideas oi Maritime Vernacular Settlements

In many parts of the world. conceptions of national ideologies are often expressed in relation to a homeland. while in some others. they are expressed in relation to maritime spaces and things. in the Asian Pacific. the geopolitical notions of place. whether in colonial. national. and postcolonial or post-national settings include the seas in more explicit and territorialized ways. Generally. people see the sea as a division but often it is also seen as a connection and thus more little an ‘aqueous land: Living in and around the sea. their universe includes not only land but also the sea. as far as they could navigate. use and see. in other words. sea is seen as a place and a home rather than a gap between places. whereas the islands they live in. are perceived as the centers of that universe.