The Summer Camp 2018 is a continuing program of the Summer Camp 2017. This program offers students the opportunity to experience and to investigate how architecture design can contribute to the development of sustainable design in two distinctive locations: rural area and Peri-urban area. The integrative approach combines ideas on sustainable and participatory strategies using local materials with appropriate implementation of technologies. The title: ” Ngalokat Cai, Ngajaga Lembur” means preserve the water- maintain the land, reflects our main concern to raise awareness to protect our most valuable natural resource through architecture and built environment design and planning.


This program intends to give field and hands-on experiences of design and build projects, involving active communication and collaboration with the user or community to enhance soft and social skills of the participants, honing leaderships and responsibility abilities.


Both in two locations: Cisoka village of Sumedang and Rancaekek Wetan village of Bandung, group of participants will execute construction of an infrastructure facility for the community. At Cisoka village, the prototypes are: construction of retention pond (Balong) and fresh water pipeline while at Rancaekek Wetan village, participants help community to build prototype of a small productive shelter.

Participants will be actively involved in an intensive learning environment, including group discussion and presentation, prototyping and model making, and also lectures from ITB and invited lecturers. Participant will also be trained in their construction skills through field workshops conducted for 1:1 scale construction which will be assisted by expert instructors and technician.

Schedule and Venue

Summer Camp SAPPK ITB will be held on 1-11 August 2018 at Institut Teknologi Bandung, Cisoka Village, Sumedang, West Java, Indonesia and Rancaekek Wetan, Bandung. Participants will be grouped into two locations.

Session one (1-4th August 2018) of this program will be held in Architecture Building, Laboratory Technic IXB, Ganesha 10, Bandung . This session will consist of lectures and workshop. Then, Session two (5-11th August 2018) will be held in Cisoka Village, Sumedang, West Java and at Rancaekek Wetan, Bandung.


Participants is open for undergraduate (2nd and above) and graduate students. We are open for students from department including Architecture, Architectural Engineering, Urban Design, Urban and Regional Planning, Landscape Architecture.





The price including accommodation in Cisoka, Sumedang, West Java (6 days), snacks and refreshments, certificate, workshop kit and T-shirt.

Total Participants limited for 20 students.

Accommodation and Local Transportation

Orginazing committee will provide all of accomodation only during activity in Cisoka, Sumedang, West Java. Although, we will help to find the best and nearest location as well as local transportation during stay in Bandung.

Further Contact

Adhitya Rizky Isnandya

Architecture Program, Institut Teknologi Bandung

Phone : +62 813 2145 6769

Visit our website to see our past event: Summer Camp 2017