First Announcement – Call for Papers – The 15th Asian Congress of Architects
October 28 – November 2, 2012. Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center
Hosted by: Ikatan Arsitek Indonesia (IAI – Indonesian Institute of Architects)
Convener: Ar. Dr. Ir. Hendrajaya Isnaeni M.Sc

A Modernism Challenge: Asian Cities and Architecture Heritage in A New Paradigm.
Traditionally the countries in Asia are known to have a rich heritage including culture and architecture. Besides that, heritage in Asia can be seen to contain hereditary customs, local wisdoms and unique locations. Today, the development of cities and architecture in Asia is characterized by the practice of architects across national boundaries that are made possible through agreements between countries both at world and regional levels. The works of architects, urban designers and developers from the country of origins are scattered in the host country overseas. Cross border practices in the rapid development of Asia, in addition to bring the benefits is also a threat to its urban development and architecture. These lead to questions such as: Are the cities and architecture in Asia to be developed based on its own culture, or even be affected by waves of modernity of the global worlds? Will the wisdom of the past survive and enrich the future architecture of Asia? That will be discussed in this Congress in Bali. The event will feature international prominent Key Speakers, Academic Sessions, and interactive discussions, to ensure that all participants will greatly benefit from this conference and its international format. Participants are invited to submit papers in all areas related to A Modernism Challenge, particularly related to the development of Asian cities and architecture. The conference welcomes papers from participants from different backgrounds, disciplines and countries. Papers may reflect on a wide spectrum of issues and explore a wide range of solutions. The conference has three research tracks. IAI has invited worldwide scholars, architects, planners, policy-makers, engineers, real estate decision makers, educators, and researchers and their counterparts in the environmental design and construction fields to share their experiences and to submit a paper in any of the topics listed under the theme tracks.

Sub-Themes and Conference Tracks:
Modernism Challenge in the City and Urban Areas: The Construction of New Cities and Urban Development
To meet the need of its fast development that lead to unprecedented increase of the urbanites, spaces are created in the form of architecture and urban places, be it a building, a new town, new subdivision or urban renewal. These developments are taking place in the heritage rich of Asia, with a mixture of cultures, climates and natures. Some architects include this in the design and some not, which the latter lead to global architecture and places created. This sub-theme of the  conference will discuss the above phenomena.

Modernism Challenge in Architecture Design
Modern challenge in architecture design globally is sustainable design approach. However, the complexity of the rich heritage of Asia, that includes local wisdom, is another challenge to be included to differentiate it to other places on earth. How these to challenges incorporated or not in the architecture in the region is the topic of this sub-theme.

Modernism Challenge and Opportunities in Cross-border Practice
The development of architecture and urban places is characterized by the practice of architects from all over the world. How this cross-border practices benefitting and threatening the architecture of Asia, and how to deal with it is the topic of this sub-theme. .

Important Dates
* Deadline for abstracts: May 18, 2012
* Notification of acceptance: June 4, 2012
* Full Paper submission for review: August 17, 2012
* Deadline for final papers: Sept 29, 2012

Submission and Relevant Information
Abstract submission must be in English with a length of max. 300 words. Full paper submission should be in English. You are asked to identify the research track for your paper. Abstract and full paper submissions should be sent in MS Word or PDF document format. Abstracts should be emailed to the Conference Convener:

Aca-15 Website
Full paper submissions are required to be done by email. Full paper format, submission guidelines, registration, accommodation and further information are available at the conference website:

Conference Proceedings
All papers accepted will be published in conference proceedings, which will be available in softcopy format to all delegates at the time of registration. Proceedings in hardcopy will be available upon request. Confirmation of attendance as well as payments for registration is necessary to be made prior to October 14th for the accepted papers to be included in the proceedings.

This is a call for all architects to think creatively and share their thoughts in a technical session. We encourage everyone, in particular the young and the academics in the different schools of architecture, to contribute papers. This would not be an exercise merely to listen to an exclusive jargon, a non-communicative blurb, but also to generate a discourse in the shape of a question/ answer session. The papers presented could have the possibility of developing into a book/ readings for student and professionals.

All paper readers will be entitled to free registration to all ACA-15 events including meals. Speakers will be honored guests of IAI and they will be fully acknowledged for their contributions

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