Innovation and Sustainabilty in AEC 4.0

Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry is facing a fundamental change due to the rise of digitalization and stipulated to comply the global agreement of Sustainable Development Goals (SGD). This volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous future yet the limitation of resource, shifting of demographic profile and  tensions of urban-rural sociology has created a pandora-like future. Abundant knowledge and practices on technology, social, economic, and politics may benefit from digitalization but at the same time challenges the foundation of industry itself as many believes that the AEC industry is rooted on and still uses extensively old methods and technologies. Actors of the industry are also lack of knowledge about the implementation of digitalization to generate value and innovation to generate future of the industry. Moreover most of actors believes, still, that sustainability is a burden rather than an opportunities.

EduaArchsia (International Conference on Architectural Education in Asia) is biannual conference initiated by the Department of Architecture, Universitas Islam Indonesia since 2017. The forum gathers architectural educators, researchers, post graduate students and practitioners to share knowledge and experiences in creating curriculum, learning method and knowledge development. This second conference focuses on the shape of AEC 4.0 as part of this endeavour.

Senvar (Sustainable Environment Architecture) is an annual gathering for scientists, scholars, and architects in the forum of International Conference that focuses on the issue of sustainable environment and its connection to architecture. Initiated in 2001, held in different venue every year, Senvar 2019 will be hosted by Universitas Islam Indonesia. Together with EduArchsia, this international joint conference attempts to broaden and integrate understanding on innovation and sustainability in AEC 4.0.

EduArchsia and Senvar 2019, as joint forum, invite scholars, educator and actors on AEC industry to discuss topics of knowledge, excel practices for innovation, and challenge definition, concept and practices on sustainable industry on the context of digitalization and its impact. We propose three major topic of discussion, Educating new generation of architects, engineers and experts on construction, Defining sustainability in AEC 4.0, Locating innovation in AEC 4.0.

We invite wide variety of papers, including but not limited to discursive papers, research reports, experience anc case or experimental work reports addressing those three major topics. We also invite different perspectives of the topic that include but not necessarily limited to the aspect of (a) history and theory, (b) housing and urbanism, (c) building science and technology, (d) digital technology and smart environment as well as (e) advocacy and profession.