Architectural Type: Cultural Complex
Registration Deadline: June 30 2012
Submission Deadline: October 8 2012
Review Period?November 2012
Announcements of Winners: November 2012
Exhibition and Awards: December 2012

Architecture in Transformation should make responses to current situations and times. What concerns us is the relationship between architecture and city, and the relationship between architecture and natural environment. The competition aims at: (1) searching and constructing a human space with a sense of place in increasingly-fragmented cities or unordered villages; (2) exploring environment-friendly and sustainable ideas in the information age; (3) integrating creative design concepts with solid basic skills effectively in architectural education. The main requirements include: (1) making detailed examinations and reflections on architectural history; (2) exploring complicated requirements to architecture and environment by current users; (3) paying attention to events in specific sites; (4) configuring viable urban and architectural spaces.

Competition Brief
1.Participants can choose design programs by themselves. The architectural type is designated as cultural complex. It should pay great attention to the features of contemporary cultural architecture and specific spatial requirements of various user groups.
2.Participants can choose sites by themselves. It should be of challenges and urban memories, such as urban fringes, urban centers, rural centers, etc.
3.Total floor area is around 6,000m2 (±10%).
4.Participants should make deep considerations to the organic relationships between architecture and city, and between architecture and village. Besides, outside space and urban edges should be included into the design program.
5.Participants should make 1:200-scale hand-made models. The model photos (?5inch×7inch) should be included in submission drawings.

Competition Schedule
1.Fulltime undergraduate and postgraduate students are welcome to participate individually or by 2-person team. The number of each entry’s supervisors should be no more than 2.
2.Registration Deadline: June 30 2012
3.The completed registration forms should be sent to before June 30 2012, with subject of “International Student Competition in Architectural Design registration + participant’s name + university name”.
4.Submission Deadline: October 8 2012
5.Prize Announcement: November 2012
6.Prize Presentation and Exhibition: December 2012

Submission Requirement
A4-size hardcopy of Identity certification and student ID card, stamped by school/department
A4-size registration form
(1) Two to four A1-size architectural drawings. At the lower right corner of the back of each drawing, please write down participant’s name/ supervisor’s name/full name of department, school and university/program topic, and seal the above information with opaque paper.
(2) All components of the submission drawings should present design concepts fully and accurately. They should include site plan (1:500), floor/elevation/section(1:200), perspective, analyzing diagram, model photo(?5×7inch), 500-word description (within the drawings)
Participants should submit a softcopy of all drawings. On the cover of CD, please write down participant’s name/ full name of department, school and university/participant’s mobile number. The contents of CD should conform to the following format.
CD’s root directory
A folder named as University/School/Department/Participant name.
A txt file including the following information: participant name, email, mobile number, supervisor name, supervisor’s contact, full name of department, school and university, design topic, number of submission drawings, design description with economic technological indexes.
A folder named “final”
All the submission drawings in JPG file (above 300 dpi)
Note: All the digital information in CD should be send to The email title should be “International Competition”. The submission deadline is October 8 2012.
All overseas participants (including HK, Macao and Taiwan) can compress the above data into zip/rar files, and send them directly to
4.All the final drawings and CDs should submit before October 8 2012. The mailing address is:
Urban Environment Design Magazine Press
No. C185, Fuchenglubeiyijie, Ganjiakou, Haidian District, Beijing, China 100037

Competition Principles
1.All the individual participant and team entry should agree and abide to the competition notification.
2.No information about participant’s name or school is allowed in the submission drawings. Or, the eligibility will be denied.
3.All the submissions will not be returned. All participants own their copyrights. But the completion organizers and sponsors have the other copyrights except authorship.
4.The competition will not accept the submissions which have ever submitted to other competitions, or which plagiarize other designs published.

Competition Awards
One first prize, ?20,000 Chinese RMB
Two second prize, ?5,000 Chinese RMB
Four third prize, ?2,000 Chinese RMB
Twenty honorable mentions, UED magazines (6 months)
Excellent Supervisors (the number to be announced)
All prize-winners will be granted official certifications.

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