Dear All,

We are pleased to announce the extension of deadline for the submission of students’ works. It is as opportunity for your schools to showcase their works to a regional audience.
The deadline for submission of projects has been extended to December 30th, 2011. Please ensure that all related materials are submitted by the stipulated deadline for consideration for AA Issue 4, OCTOBER/NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2011.The theme for issue 4 is STUDENTS’ WORKS.

Students’  works are reflective of the influences around them and the nuances in the works normally carry current trends. They are sign posts to the health and wealth of future architecture in that country. Architecture Asia would be an appropriate media to show the variances of students works, their current indulgences in each country, and perhaps from there, provide a hint on what future architecture in Asia maybe like.It also seems an appropriate time to show current students work as there is a boom in enrolment in architectural education throughout Asia . Due to the shortage of architects in some parts of Asia due to economic activities, there has been a reliance on international architects to fill much of the role required of the profession. Students works will show the extent of these influences on their work, but would also show how they have regarded their local context.  They would eventually inherit and provide the architectural leadership in their countries and the works would hint at what the future holds.Overall, it should be an exciting issue, as it is expected that the works would appear fresh, weighted in ideas, boldness and innovation. The future belongs to the young, and the works would be expected to represent works by future architects who have a world ahead of them to claim.

In keeping with the current trend and technology, Architecture Asia is now in e-version. This will mean that readers can now log on to the publication’s official website at to view the Architecture Asia i-Magazine  that will also incorporate additional features including video clips, music, additional photographs, drawings and etc. for free (at least for the first few issues).Architecture Asia is going green by going electronic. If for whatever reasons contributors do not wish to have their projects/articles published in the i-Magazine, please indicate so, otherwise we take-it that the contributors are agreeable to the e-version.

Looking forward to hearing from you all.
Best regards,
Ar. Dr. Lim Teng Ngiom

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