ARSAPEX is an event that is established to support the existence of the recognition of equivalence of architecture graduates and as an effort to affirm the equality between Indonesian and international education—especially Asia from the method of teaching, especially architectural design studio. The appointed theme in Arsapex 2013 is ??“The Future of Architecture: Between Academics and Professionals”. This event will be done in the form of seminar and studio works exhibition from each architectural education institutions.

This event is in collaboration with APTARI and IAI as the representatives of the Indonesian architectural education and practice in Asia. In this event, there will be speakers invited from UIA, RIBA and ARCASIA. The speakers from Indonesia will be from Departemen Pendidikan Nasional (National Department of Education), which is APTARI, who represents the architecture schools in Indonesia, and the Professional Association of Architecture, IAI. To support the seminar, the event will be enhanced with student’s final project exhibition as the real representatives of architectural education product.

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